How to Write and Put Name on College Paper?

How to Write and Put Name on College Paper?

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How should the preparation process for writing a college paper take place? It is necessary to realize that preparation for the writing of a college paper on theoretical and literary problem must begin with a thorough acquaintance with the theoretical material. The following algorithm is proposed: the search for the material itself on the Internet and in the bibliographic departments of scientific libraries, compiling a bibliography on the topic, selecting the main works, their processing, extracting important, in your opinion, the provisions. At the same time, along with the study of material, think over the plan of essay, mentally “write” the future text, make separate phrases and, if you do not rely on your memory, write down them; There must be a constant work on “oral” writing reviews. And what this preparatory work is more intense, the more qualitative a college paper will be.

College paper structure: general requirements. Feeling that the preparatory work is completed and you already “see” the plan of the essay, know its main content, “you hear” the rhythm tone in which it will be written, begin to create the text. Guided by the following settings:

1) In the introductory part, determine the relevance of the problem and the purpose that you set yourself, briefly review the literature on this issue. Keep in mind that fulfilling all these tasks will push you to the banal ritual phrases such as “The purpose of our work is …”, “This topic was considered in such works …”. Look for the opportunity to express these thoughts in another, less commonplace style key. Believe that there are many other such stylistic solutions – they just need to be persistently searched;

2) The bulk must be constructed as the development of one thought or the transformation of one thought into another. As a rule, an algorithm is recommended: the thesis is its argumentation.

Readability college paper is achieved through many techniques, one of them most effective – the development of thought as a kind of “plot”, history. Ezheism as the quality of the text appears when in the process of its creation something manifests itself from the author’s “I”, but the pronoun “I” should be few. And just as little should be intimate lyrical moments – they are permissible to a minimum. When analyzing a work, do not try to “cover up”, it is better to take a fragment and, having considered in the manner of “slow reading”, to fulfill the task set. College paper volume – 2-3 pages at intervals of 1.5. The landing page is not counted. Font size – 14, do not forget to set your name on the title of your college paper.